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Extension of Rothorn Bike Park

[Press release] It is our aim to offer all bikers, from beginner to advanced skill levels, a highly varied biking experience. To this end the bike park comprises this summer five downhill trails for every level of difficulty (easy to difficult) between the Scharmoin halfway station and the Rothorn base station. Together with the existing skill centre it is one of the biggest bike park in the Alpine Region.
FLOWline (open)

Difficulty: Easy (blue)
Character: a flowing country trail in terrain that is not too steep, with a lot of flowing sections, curves and small jumps, ideal for beginners and families

PRIMEline (Running alteration Era Vedra)

Difficulty: medium (red)
Character: a classic freeride trail with banked curves, steep turns, jumps and North Shore elements, with a partially altered line

SHOREline (New: opening spring 2014)

Difficulty: medium/advanced (red/black)
Character: a North Shore trail with endless wooden bridges of various difficulty levels

STYLEline (New: opening spring 2014)

Difficulty: medium/advanced (red/black)
Character: a fun slopestyle trail that winds through the forest, with jumps, wall rides, boxes and other elements

STRAIGHTline (New: opening scheduled for summer 2014)

Difficulty: advanced (balck)
Character: a demanding downhill trail in steep terrain with big jumps, drops, banked curves and North Shore elements

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